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April 24th 2014

We’re hiring a web producer!

Advocacy International Ltd (Ai) works in the field of international development, linking advocacy, design, communications, digital production and policy development to meet our client’s goals.

We are seeking to contract with an experienced freelance digital professional to work with us in particular in managing and coordinating all aspects of the development of two high profile websites over the coming weeks. In addition, there may be other production/coordination tasks related to the development of or revisions to other digital “assets”.

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April 10th 2014

Interview with Efua Dorkenoo leader of ‘End FGM Social Change Campaign’.

Ai is a proud member of the ‘End FGM Social Change Campaign’, led by Efua Dorkenoo in partnership with Options Health Consultancy and DfID. Ai will assist in driving forward the campaign working closely with the wider team on design and messaging across the programme.

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“To build a campaign or movement to give voice to and mobilise large numbers of people and achieve lasting social change takes first and foremost a belief in others, but also the fuel of passion, creativity and drive.”

Ann Pettifor

Cutting the Diamond

Successful advocacy depends on the right analysis of the issue, the right leadership, communication, technology, celebrities, accountability, evaluation and more

This introduction will help your organisation build an advocacy strategy that harnesses public opinion, holds decision-makers to account, and pressures politicians to listen, follow through and deliver.

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